A Bible School Unlike Any Other


  1. Genesis 3: The Fundamentals of the Faith
    Using this portion of scripture as a springboard, in this class we will study twenty plus fundamental doctrines of New Testament Christianity.
  2. The Doctrine and Practice of the New Testament Church
    In this class we will allow scripture to define the church, we will study its origin, its purpose, its Head, its members; the gifts given to the church, those responsible for its oversight, how a church is to function, church discipline, dealing with heresy, local outreach, missions, dealing with personalities, legal and governmental matters, and much, much more.
  3. Prophecy II
    This course will take up matters at the mid-point of the tribulation, cover all matters relating to the second coming of Christ, the millennial kingdom and eternity. The last few weeks of the class will feature detailed looks at what the Bible says about heaven and hell.

Attending Student or Corresponding Student

In January 2003, we began classes for the purpose of teaching men and women the truths of God’s word and how to apply those truths in the areas of Biblical evangelism and a scriptural local church.

In addition to detailed, expositional teaching from the word of God, the student is taught by precept and example how to preach the gospel in public, how to evangelize from house to house and how to conduct services in rest homes and jails. The student is also privileged to learn that a church can be vibrant and healthy while adhering to the Biblical church pattern and avoiding the business model and the modern influences which are compromising so many congregations.

We take a strong stand on the perfection of the King James Bible but believe the Bible teaches we are to be loving, kind and gracious toward all those for whom Christ laid down His life.

It is our purpose to place God’s truth in the heart as well as the in the head and to teach the Christian worker to apply those truths outside as well as inside the church.

We are not staffed by professors trained in and formerly employed by colleges and universities where the word of God is not believed to be inerrant. Our classes are taught by men who believe the word of the Lord and practice its precepts in their daily lives.

Our school is not for everyone. We have no cafeteria, no dormitories and no secular or extra-curricular amusements. Our school is for those who are willing to work to provide for themselves, labor in the word and doctrine and devote themselves fully to the lifestyle necessary to establish strong Christian churches at home or on the foreign field.

After you have spent four years with us you will have a working knowledge of the word of God and an understanding of how to present that word to the saved and to the lost. You will also have the benefit of having seen men, women and families living in loving fellowship.

What We Have

  • A strong local church which operates according to New Testament principles.
  • In-depth, verse-by-verse, teaching of the word of God without criticizing or casting doubt upon the text.
  • Street preaching, house-to-house evangelism, and an unwavering devotion to missions.
  • Opportunity for those who desire to establish a work for Jesus Christ to see first hand how such a ministry is founded and sustained.
  • Personal instruction from and personal accountability to the men in leadership positions in the school and church.
  • Open doors to participate in any type of ministry one desires. From music, to nursing homes, to jails, to Sunday school, to mission trips, you can do it all.

What We Don’t Have

  • Lodging and meals. The necessities of the life will be the student’s personal responsibility.
  • Courses in Greek and Hebrew. We thank God for men expert in these languages who have translated, and preserved and defended God’s word for us. Now that we have a perfect English Bible, we devote our energy to the study thereof.
  • Banquets, dances, festivals and other thinly disguised observances of pagan holidays. We have nothing in place to promote romance among our students.
  • Schemes whereby we use the students to raise funds for our church or for our school.
  • Ball teams, clubs, fraternities, and the like. All our resources are devoted to the ministry of the word.
  • An ability to provide you with a job in a church once you finish your studies. We are not connected.


Whether attending classes or as a corresponding student . . .

This is a cyclical program. The classes are independent one of another so that one may start in any semester and complete the program in four years.

Our purpose is to provide extensive Bible teaching to prepare the student for Christian service.

  • There are no tuition costs 1
  • No administrative fees
  • Textbooks are provided 2

For additional information on our church and school, statement of doctrinal beliefs please call 386-736-9274 or contact us via the Contact Form.

If you are ready to apply AS A CORRESPONDENCE STUDENT, please refer to the Getting Started page.

If you are ready to apply AS AN ATTENDING STUDENT, please print the application and send it completed to:

The DeLand School of THE BIBLE
872 Glenwood Rd
DeLand, FL  32720



  1. Correspondence classes have a fee schedule.
  2. Correspondence students are responsible for purchasing their books.